ON DEMAND Professional ethics 1 and 2: Two course bundle (4.0 hrs) – $120

ON DEMAND Professional ethics 1 and 2: Two course bundle (4.0 hrs) – $120


This two-course package includes Professional Ethics 1 (2.0 hr) and Professional Ethics 2 (2.0hr) for a total of 4.0 CPD hours in Ethics.

Professional Ethics 1 (2.0 hrs):

In this course, we will examine specific areas of the CPA code of professional conduct (“code”) and use case studies to highlight key learning objectives. This presentation will also introduce a critical thinking methodology that will be applied to an ethical decision-making framework. Finally, we will explore current events relevant to the professional to understand how to apply lessons learned to deepen our ethical decision-making framework.

Professional Ethics 2: (2.0 hrs)

Psychological safety is a belief that you are free to share your thoughts and not be punished for speaking your mind. It is an important area of research in the field of organizational behaviour. Current research has shown that organizations and teams with higher psychological safety are more productive, creative, and happier. And teams and organizations that have higher psychological safety make better and more ethical decisions.

However, current research also shows that psychological safety is fragile within organizations and teams. Critical events such as new leadership, organizational strategy changes, and external situations (such as a pandemic) can adversely affect an organization’s psychological safety.

In this video learning course, we will examine current research to better understand psychological safety for organizations and teams. We will then introduce ways to assess and improve psychological safety for both organizations and teams.

4.0 hrs of verifiable Ethics CPD (Certificate will be provided upon course completion)