Have you tried out the new OpenAI tool: Chat GBT or DALL-E

Try out ChatGBT

Try out DALL-E

We’ve talked about this before, but the exposure to these new generative AI programs is next level.

At this stage, we are playing around with these tools and figuring out what they can do.

AI is exponentially getting more involved in our professional and personal lives and is sometimes unseen.

Are these AI tools creative? It has the ability to generate art, music, poetry, and stories. Is that not beginning to take part in what makes us human?

In my opinion – no, it is not. Although the outputs are pretty amazing, this technology is still fallible and uses a data set to put together its programming.

These various generative AI tools are getting good at mimicking human things and are part of our ability to be creative, like storytelling and being abstract.

However, we have to question what about intellectual property and copyright. Where are these tools pulling their information from?

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