ChatGPT – Learning From the Failure of Others – June 6th, 2023

We are beginning to see the power of generative AI for productivity, creativity, administrative work, asking questions, research, and so much more. The question is, “How can I do things on ChatGPT that will make my life easier?”

For those in professional services such as CPAs, lawyers, and engineers, there is a lot to like in generative AI regarding what we can do to leverage it and find some time efficiencies. 


For those professions with a code of conduct and ethical standards to use caution when approaching generative AI tools. We may want to use generative AI to research, write articles, help with an accounting memo, or potentially craft a decision matrix. These are all possibilities that you can use generative AI for. But we want to be careful about leveraging our critical thinking and professional judgment to AI too much because things can go wrong. 

Watch the full video for a detailed example of how not using your judgment and critical thinking can cause significant issues.