ChatGPT and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) – April 4, 2023

A lot of the generative AI conversational space today concerns what we might fear about missing out on how to use this technology.

When it comes to transformative technologies and FOMO, two questions arise:

  1. How much time do I really want to invest learning about this?
  2. How can I use this technology to help my career/business?

These are important questions to reflect on. But with FOMO, reflecting can turn to rumination and then to that feeling of existential dread of missing out. You need to measure the risk/reward level for your time and ask yourself: What is it that you are trying to do with this?

You may feel a bit worn out by the ChatGPT conversation, but I feel it is important to truly understand where we are with generative AI technology and what the pain points are for a lot of us.

In this week’s video (you can catch the replay below), I walked through some ChatGPT scenarios and how we can use them for our businesses and our professional lives.   But more importantly, to try and relieve some of that FOMO that is out there regarding generative AI.