Do A.I. Chatbots Dream of Electric Sheep? – May 9, 2023

Have you heard of when AI chatbots hallucinate? You are getting a lot of good things when you potentially ask an AI chatbot a particular question. The question is how much we want to take that information wholesale. It is the subtle ways the AI chatbots may mix in a bit of “hallucinations” into something that is fairly factual.

In the video above, we’ll talk about a New York Times article When A.I. Chatbots Hallucinate. This article shows how some of these AI chatbots have started to hallucinate certain facts and how this can impact our work. It is not necessarily creating fiction, but it is instead bringing information that it thinks is relevant to the question it was asked. It may not be true, but the chatbot has brought it in because it thinks it has answered your question.

Watch more in the video above about what this may mean to you in the accounting profession.