ON DEMAND How to Provide Effective Feedback and Improve Employee Engagement (2hrs) – $65

Course overview

This video learning course will introduce the latest research in providing effective feedback to discuss how managers can mentor and develop their staff while also improving firm retention of top talent. Providing effective feedback has a direct and positive effect on employee engagement.

The benefits of improving employee engagement within an organization are well supported:

  • Higher employee retention
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased job satisfaction

We will define the term employee engagement to understand how it is affected by receiving both effective and ineffective feedback.   This course will then demonstrate effective strategies to help provide effective feedback and improve employee engagement.

Learning objectives

  1. Defining employee engagement and why it is important to an organization.
  2. Understanding the importance of providing effective feedback to employee engagement.
  3. Identifying the challenges facing managers in providing effective feedback to employees.
  4. Examining the key components that make the difference between effective feedback and ineffective feedback.
  5. Applying research-based tools to help managers provide effective feedback and improve employee engagement.

2.0 hrs or credits of verifiable professional development (Certificate will be provided upon course completion)