ON DEMANDArtificial intelligence and the CPA profession (0.5 hr) – $35

ON DEMANDArtificial intelligence and the CPA profession (0.5 hr) – $35

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in our collective awareness since the introduction of the villainous computer HAL 9000 in Stanley Kubrick’s classic film 2001. AI has had a few moments in popular culture such as supercomputer IBM Watson’s appearance on Jeopardy in 2011 but has typically been seen as more science fiction than reality. Today, we are interacting with AI more than we ever have and more than what we might realize. Common interactions with AI include the use of Google Home, Netflix and Amazon. The future is now for AI. In this webinar presentation, we will explore how AI is being used and the implications of AI for the future of our profession.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understanding what the difference is between our perception of AI vs the reality.
  2. Defining machine learning
  3. Identifying machine learning examples that are already a part of our professional and personal lives
  4. Examining how artificial intelligence technology may affect our profession
  5. Providing action steps to prepare for the integration of artificial intelligence by our organizations and clients

0.5 hrs of verifiable CPD (Certificate will be provided upon course completion)

Fun, interesting and whet the appetite for a desire to know more.