ON DEMAND Designing and delivering engaging virtual presentations | Price: $95.00 CAD

ON DEMAND Designing and delivering engaging virtual presentations | Price: $95.00 CAD

Course Description:

As a result of our shift to the hybrid work environment, many professionals present to teams, clients and others using teleconferencing software such as Zoom, Adobe Connect, Microsoft Teams etc.  However, presentation design and delivery for a live presentation is much different than for a virtual presentation. It is not enough to simply take a prepared live presentation and do the same thing in a virtual setting.  Current research shows that this will result in a lack of clarity and participant engagement.  In fact, virtual presentations require more instructional design and preparation than a live presentation.

A virtual presentation must be re-designed to promote thoughtful use of virtual engagement tools such as audience feedback buttons, polling questions, breakout rooms and shared screens.  The presenters themselves must prepare differently than for a live presentation including setting up proper camera framing, audio levels and lighting.

Learning objectives

After completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify attributes of an engaging virtual presentation
  2. Identify what can go wrong in a virtual presentation
  3. Identify the differences between a virtual presentation and a live presentation
  4. Define VARK (visual, auditory, reading, kinesthetic)
  5. Apply VARK to instructional design
  6. Define CAL (camera, audio and lighting)
  7. Identify CAL best practices
  8. Identify virtual presenter best practices