Should AI (Including Generative AI) be Regulated – May 25th, 2023

Recently Sam Altman, the CEO of Open.AI, spoke at US Congress about the upcoming elections and how AI will impact this. AI has the ability to recreate voices, videos, put together deep fakes or media that is difficult to tell if it is real or not. We are quickly moving into a place where you do not have to be that sophisticated to put together a photo that is misleading.

This is where Sam Altman, surprisingly, said that we need to regulate AI. This is where there was some bipartisan support for this in Congress. The question was what does regulation look like?

Sam Altman gave some suggestions for a regulatory body to license AI programmers. He suggested a combination of licensing and testing regulations in this regulatory agency. Then he discussed that you would have to be independently audited. This was interesting to me and how it may create a new space for CPAs and other professions.

To continue the conversation about this visit from Sam Altman to Congress watch the video below.