LIVE WEBINARHow to create a home studio for video and audio content creation (2 hrs)

In this webinar, we will help turn your office into a professional home studio for video and audio content creation.  We will provide tips and tools to help with the CAL of video content:

  • Camera (C)
  • Audio (A)
  • Lighting (L)

The objective is to provide a cost-effective way to show high production quality when creating video or audio content.

ON DEMANDDesigning effective presentations (0.5 hr) – $35

As business professionals, we are constantly finding ourselves presenting information. Whether it is for a board, keynote speech or for potential clients, an important skill set of our profession is the ability to present information to different audiences for different purposes. Much of our preparation focus is on presentation delivery (voice, posture, poise etc.), but how we design the presentation can be much more impactful in creating an effective and clear message for your audience.

In this online course, we will examine the latest in instructional design research to ensure your content and visual aids are helping your presentation delivery.

Learning objectives:

  1. How to understand your audience and what’s in it for them (WIIFT)
  2. Understanding the latest research in how participants for a presentation stay engaged with your message
  3. Applying the latest research in instructional design to improve your presentation including storytelling techniques, the replacement of words with images and the effective use of technology such as PowerPoint

0.5 hrs of verifiable CPD (Certificate will be provided upon course completion)

LIVE WEBINARHow to use Zoom effectively to deliver virtual presentations (1.5 hrs)

Zoom is currently the most widely used video conference software to deliver virtual presentations.  However, many do not effectively use the available tools within both Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar to maximize participant engagement. These include tools such as:

  • Chats
  • Polling questions
  • Breakout rooms
  • Share audio only
  • Electronic flipcharts
  • Whiteboards

In understanding and effectively using these tools within Zoom, your presentation will become more dynamic and engaging to your audience.  In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to design an engaging presentation within Zoom.

LIVE WEBINARThe Actor’s Studio: How to be effective on camera for virtual presentations (2 hrs)

Speaking in a front a camera can be as anxiety-producing as talking to a live audience.   We are speaking in front of cameras more than we have are ever done.   In this webinar, we will look at the camera the way an actor approaches a camera.   We will learn techniques that actors use to stay present on camera so that the audience can feel you are talking to them rather than at them.

LIVE WEBINARHow to design and deliver an engaging virtual presentation: Tuesday September 15, 11:00am-12:30pm EST ($50)

As a result of the pandemic, many professionals find themselves presenting to teams, clients and others using teleconferencing software such as Zoom, Go to Training, Microsoft Teams etc.  However, presentation design and delivery for a live presentation is much different than for a virtual presentation. It is not enough to simply take a prepared live presentation and just do the same thing in a virtual setting.  Current research shows that this will result in a lack of both clarity and participant engagement.  In fact, virtual presentations require more instructional design and preparation than a live presentation.

A virtual presentation must be re-designed to promote thoughtful use of virtual engagement tools such as audience feedback buttons, polling questions, breakout rooms and shared screens.  The presenters themselves must prepare differently than for a live presentation including setting up proper camera framing, audio levels and lighting.

This webinar will discuss:

  1. Virtual presentations vs live presentations room – significant differences
  2. Virtual presentations – best practices
  3. How to effectively use the virtual presentation engagement tools

The cost of this webinar is $50 (including tax)

Great presentation. Garth did an excellent job breaking down simple tips to help improve our virtual presentations. Super useful. I also liked the fact that additional tips and information were shared via PDFs to provide participants with additional information should they need it.

I very much appreciated your practical insights and your energy today.

It was a very informative and interesting session

Very practical, and excellent of Garth to provide links to tools and to stay for questions!