Elaine Hughesman about Sheriff Consulting

Sheriff Consulting’s Management Certification Program Customer Success Story: Elaine Hughesman

“My biggest win with the Management Certification Program has been viewing the job from our staff members’ point of view. We lead with more empathy.”

Elaine’s Results 

  • Has a better understanding of her staff
  • A shared language to communicate in tough situations
  • More deliberate and thoughtful
  • Skills that can be passed on to new managers

How the Management Certification Program helped Elaine fine tune her management style

  • Detailed lectures
  • Engaging group activities
  • Expert instructors
  • Courses for leaders and managers at all levels

What challenges did you face prior to taking the Management Certification Program by Sheriff Consulting?

My name is Elaine Hughesman, and I am a partner with Hughesman Morris Liversedge in Sidney, BC. I got my designation in 2005, so I am a CPA, CA. 

I had never done any formal management training. I became a partner in 2008 and was working on my technical skills for all of that time. 

Over the last few years with the way that the labor market has been going, we thought that we were doing really well in our management. But we certainly did lose some employees over the last few years. 

We realized that we should probably shine a light on our practices and see if there is anything that we can be doing better. So we thought it was a good time to be proactive about our management style.

How did the Management Certification Program help with your career development?

One of the more interesting things was doing the different personality tests and learning your management style. 


It helped me understand introverts versus extroverts and how your brain syncs, which has helped understand my partners and other staff better.


We had other staff take some of the tests and it has created this new language for us to relate to each other with. I am being more thoughtful about what I say and have more confidence from the course. 


Along with an increased level of confidence, I have also developed a better understanding of what I say and how that could impact people.


What makes the Management Certification Program better than other professional development programs?

The Management Certification Program has been the best program I have taken virtually. Garth has a real engaging way of presenting.


Because he is an accountant as well, it helped us to relate to him and feel like he understood what we go through as accountants.


My other two partners and I took the course together and we all commented that this was by far the best online course that we have taken.


Is the Management Certification Program worth the investment?

This course is 100% worth the investment. It gave us more tools and more of a dialogue to have with each other. 


We are building a strong foundation for the future, and as we train new managers, I think we have more skills to offer them.


Would you recommend the Management Certification Program from Sheriff Consulting?

I would definitely recommend this course. I felt that almost everybody in the course were current managers or new managers, but I feel it was a good course for partners too. 


When we were in the breakout rooms with other managers, it felt like a lot of their issues were with the management style of their partners. So I would recommend it to a lot of business owners as well.