Brian Liversedge about Sheriff Consulting

“My biggest win as a result of taking this management course has been expanding my toolbox. Having more tools to deal with a variety of different situations, especially with changing dynamics of online work and working from home, has had a big impact.”

Brian’s Results 

  • More confident approaching complex situations
  • A more thoughtful approach to feedback
  • New tools for tackling problems
  • Gained insights from others in similar situations

How the Management Certification Program helped Brian develop more robust management systems

  • Learn from anywhere with online classes
  • Proven management techniques
  • Engaging tutorials
  • Teachers with industry experience

What challenges did you face prior to taking the Management Certification Program by Sheriff Consulting?

My name is Brian Liversedge, and I am a partner with Hughesman Morris Liversedge, Chartered Professional Accountants, in Sydney, British Columbia. 

Before the course, we had a lot more doubt in our actions. We were unsure of ourselves and did not always know the right way to approach the situation. Especially with staff turnover, you are always second guessing yourself. 

We needed to be more aware of the things that everybody is experiencing right now. There was a need to be reminded of best practices and talk to other people who might be going through the same issues we were facing as a business.

How did the Management Certification Program help you to develop your leadership skills?

I would say the Management Certification Program has had a huge effect on me personally. Myself and my other two partners all took the course and I think we can all agree that it has been great. 

We have learned many skills that we can use in our day-to-day operations. Now we put a lot more thought into delivering feedback, versus just doing things by the seat of your pants. 

Being more deliberate, and thinking about different ways to deliver and interact with our team has been a big change. Our processes and actions are now much more thought out.

What makes the Management Certification Program stand out?

I think the biggest difference from other course offerings was the presenter, Garth. He was very engaging and kept it interesting. 

It was an eight week program with two hours per session, so there is a lot of opportunity for things to slow down and get stale. However, he did a really good job of keeping it interesting and engaging. 

There were lots of opportunities to interact throughout the course, even though it was a virtual program. The big difference here was Garth and his teaching methods. 

There is more than one approach to management. You need to be ready to take a step back and think about a different way to do something if your previous approach has not been working.

Is the Management Certification Program worth the investment?

I think that the Management Certification Program is definitely worth the investment. The key to successful business is having good leaders and good management, so it is hard to put a price tag on that sort of thing. 

The price certainly is fair. It is well worth the eight weeks of your time and the financial investment.

Would you recommend the Management Certification Program from Sheriff Consulting?

I would definitely recommend this course. I know that it is targeted towards newer managers, but a lot of what he was presenting would be directly applicable to partners of smaller firms as well.