Andy Broadbent about Sheriff Consulting

Sheriff Consulting Customer Success Story: Andy Broadbent

“My biggest win with Sheriff Consulting has been no longer worrying about where I get my professional development hours.”

Andy’s Results 

  • A centralized place to get professional development hours
  • Engaged with up-to-date topics
  • Gets more value from professional development
  • Removed a recurring pain point

How Sheriff Consulting helped Andy better structure his professional development

  • Well constructed and engaging courses
  • Course offerings that change in response to recent events
  • Detailed course materials
  • Courses on demand

What made you choose Sheriff Consulting?

My name is Andy Broadbent. I am a CPA and the CFO of TERRA Greenhouses, which is a retail organization in Ontario. It was always a struggle for me to get my professional development hours in, to be honest.

It is one of these things that you must do, but do not look forward to doing. I would always leave it towards the end of the cycle, and would in a panic to try and cobble together hours.

I did not have one centralized service with interesting and relevant topics. That is really one of the big problems that Sheriff Consulting has solved for me personally.


How has Sheriff Consulting helped with your career development?

Sheriff Consulting makes it easy to find professional development hours, and that is no longer a pain point for me. 

Not only am I getting the hours in, but I am getting something out of the hours, rather than just ticking a box on a form at the end of the year.

As opposed to a lot of the other services, there is a huge focus on leadership, leading teams, and recruiting with Sheriff Consulting. 

The great resignation was one of Garth’s topics, and those are hugely topical to what I do on a day-to-day basis. Finding that was really a breath of fresh air.

What makes Sheriff Consulting better than other professional development programs?

I think Garth is the key. I do not know Garth personally, even though it may sound like it! I just love his approach. He is really easy to listen to, and I think he puts a lot of thought into the topics that he discusses.

There are some technical sessions for people that are more interested or geared to that. Then there are some more general sessions to address things that are going on in the world today. 

It is almost like he is a restaurant that serves many different types of foods, and he does a great job at serving up all of those different topics.


Is Sheriff Consulting worth the investment?

There’s no question, it is definitely worth the investment, for a multitude of reasons. On the practical side, it takes away the worry of getting professional development hours on a year to year basis. 

I do not have to go and search for providers and courses. I have it in one spot, and I can listen to it at my leisure. 

The big thing is not just getting those hours, but also getting something out of those hours. With Sheriff Consulting’s sessions, you get something out of those hours. 

It is one less thing to think about next year. I will buy the package when I am ready, and easily get both my hours in and get something out of those hours.

Who would you recommend Sheriff Consulting to?

I would absolutely recommend Sheriff Consulting. Obviously, it is geared towards CPAs, but I think just about anybody working in a position in a for-profit, or not-for-profit business can get something out of his sessions because he covers such a wide scope of topics. 

You may think this is just for an accountant, but when you get in and realize he is talking about things like the great resignation, recruiting, or other challenges every organization is facing right now, it makes his package applicable to just about anybody.