Anik Audet about Sheriff Consulting

“Sheriff Consulting has given my staff and I the tools to navigate the post-pandemic environment, and has given us the training to adequately provide the necessary information to the staff.”

Anik’s Results

  • Better able to share critical information digitally
  • Kept up with training requirements during periods of online work
  • Has developed better networking skills
  • More confidence in the workplace

How Sheriff Consulting helped Anik provide meaningful staff training before, during and after the pandemic

  • In-person or digital workshops
  • All training tailored to the needs of your organization
  • Expert help to identify weak spots in your personal or professional development
  • Highly experienced workshop leaders

What made you choose Sheriff Consulting?

My name is Anik Audet, and I am a CPA working in public accounting in Ottawa. The pandemic was a big reason we were looking for additional training. A lot of our team was working from home.

It was more difficult to train and get our staff engaged. We had a hard time getting documentation to staff. In general, training in person is a lot easier than training digitally or via Zoom or Teams.

We were mostly looking for tips and tricks to help with that whole new environment.

How has Sheriff Consulting helped with your career development?

Sheriff Consulting has helped me in my career development by dealing with all of the pre and post-pandemic training issues.

I have also had a lot of training sessions with Garth about things like networking and how to interact with industry insiders, clients, and staff.

It has given me additional tools that help me navigate being a professional in the industry.

What makes Sheriff Consulting better than other professional development programs?

I think what makes Sheriff Consulting better or different is Garth. He is so likable and personable!

I find it very easy to listen to him in a training environment because he is so good at communicating his main points. Without him Sheriff Consulting would not be what it is.

Is Sheriff Consulting worth the investment?

The way Garth packages and communicates everything makes a huge difference. I would also say the way Sheriff Consulting is able to adapt to different environments is very important.

For example, we used Sheriff Consulting pre-pandemic, in person for training sessions in third party locations, or at the office. We have also used him throughout the pandemic digitally.

The third thing that makes Sheriff Consulting a great fit for us is the amount of knowledge that Garth has to offer.

Would you recommend Sheriff Consulting?

I would absolutely recommend Sheriff Consulting. Garth has done great things for me professionally, like boosting my confidence and providing that background knowledge.

Working with Sheriff Consulting has also been beneficial for the firm and the staff I work with. I would absolutely and without a doubt recommend Sheriff Consulting to everyone.