Sarah Mills about Sheriff Consulting

“Prior to Garth coming in, no one wanted to do performance appraisals or anything to do with performance management. Garth helped us sell the importance of feedback, coaching, and mentoring to our management group and staff.”

Sarah’s Results

  • Increased buy-in by managers
  • New performance management systems
  • The development of formal feedback systems
  • Targeted help and advice based on industry experience

How Sheriff Consulting helped Sarah train her staff in performance management strategies

  • Real-world industry experience
  • Engaging and relatable workshops
  • Proven strategies and techniques
  • A tailored approach for every client

What made you choose Sheriff Consulting?

My name is Sarah Mills and I am a Human Resources Manager for Baker Tilly SNT, a public accounting firm that represents four offices in Northern Ontario.

We were looking for somebody to help us with training our managers on feedback and performance management, and we felt that Garth would be the perfect fit.

He has a professional background in the public accounting industry, and he was really able to relate to our managers.

How has Sheriff Consulting helped with your career development?

After Garth came in to help us we were able to launch our performance management system, and have had a lot more buy-in from our managers.

Our management team really resonated with Garth and he helped them to understand why performance management was important.

What makes Sheriff Consulting better than other professional development programs?

Garth displayed an ability to connect with our managers because of his past experience in public accounting.

Garth is a designated professional accountant who has been through the industry processes and understands their jobs. He definitely has an ability to connect with the group.

We have brought in other facilitators before and if you do not have a background in public accounting you will not understand what these managers are facing.

Our CPAs are very technically oriented, and are being asked to do something outside of their comfort zone with things like performance management.

I feel that Garth’s relatability factor is what sets him apart from the other professional development coaches we have experienced.

Is Sheriff Consulting worth the investment?

Sheriff Consulting is definitely worth the investment. It certainly was for us!

Garth was able to achieve the goals we wanted and we have actually had him come back. I felt that he connected with our group and our team who have come to trust him.

The team values him and he has the perfect mix of soft and technical skills when he presents. He has been a manager in public accounting and he knows what they are going through which makes him relatable.

Would you recommend Sheriff Consulting?

I have recommended Garth and Sheriff Consulting to other HR offices in my network.

I would not hesitate to recommend Garth to anyone who is looking for professional development for their CPAs, or any other team members. He can add a lot of value to your organization.