Natasha Larocque about Sheriff Consulting

“Sheriff Consulting has a very different and fresh way of delivering material. Sort of in the same way “Hamilton” is a unique way to learn history, this is a unique and engaging way to learn about ethics.”

Natasha’s Results 

  • Highly engaged with her ethics training
  • Completed required CPD hours
  • Found complex topics understandable
  • Understands both theoretical and practical applications of key principles

How Sheriff Consulting helped Natasha meet her CPD requirements in a fun and engaging way

  • A full range of CPD courses
  • Expert teachers with industry experience
  • Materials and examples based on real experience
  • Highly engaging lessons

What made you choose Sheriff Consulting?

My name is Natasha Larocque, and I am a CPA with a PMP designation. I currently work in the charity not-for-profit sector.  As a CPA, I am required to do professional education on an ongoing basis for my CPA as well as my PMP designation.  There is a specific course around ethics that all CPAs need to do on a regular basis. Sheriff Consulting had a course that interested me and that is why I decided to take it. 

How has Sheriff Consulting helped with your career development?

What I liked about the Sheriff Consulting course is that it had an interactive and interesting way of tackling ethics training. Some ethics training courses are quite dry.  Sheriff Consulting made the topic engaging and they brought pop culture into it to give examples linked to what they were trying to teach. That is what I thought was really engaging, and it actually kept my attention.

What makes Sheriff Consulting better than other professional development programs?

I have done a lot of different professional training courses over the years, and obviously, some were quite good. I find that the person who is actually leading the course makes a big difference.

The energy level of the teacher and how they choose to interact with their students can have a massive impact. Garth brings it to a level where complex topics are understandable and relatable. 

He makes sure that you look beyond the theoretical application and consider the practical application as well.

Is Sheriff Consulting worth the investment?

I definitely think that working with Sheriff Consulting was worth the investment. It gave me the foundation I was looking for with regards to the key underlying principles around ethics.

Garth managed to do this in a way that held my attention for the whole time. I found the course somewhat entertaining, which you do not always get with a professional development course.

Would you recommend Sheriff Consulting?

I think this is the type of course that anyone could take because it’s about ethics, which applies to all different fields and jobs. It is applicable to anyone who is interested in the topic of ethics and learning more about it in a way that is very engaging.