Lisa Rumsey about Sheriff Consulting

“The interactiveness of the entire course and the ability to deal with somebody who is a leading expert in the field allows you to hone in on things in a way that is not possible with a quick YouTube video. ”

Lisa’s Results

  • A better understanding of regulatory and reporting requirements
  • Clarity on ethical issues
  • An engaing way to fulfill professional development requirements
  • Networking with other local and international professionals

How Sheriff Consulting helped Lisa get up to speed with changes in the industry

  • Up-to-date courses on changes to legislation
  • Expert instructors
  • Relatable and highly engaging content
  • Live calls that allow for interaction and clarification

What made you choose Sheriff Consulting?

My name is Lisa Rumsey, and I am a CPA with a tax specialty. The industry that I work in is public practice, so we do a lot of corporate and personal tax compliance and planning.

We do all sorts of mandatory training as part of our professional development. We are required to have about 20 hours a year of verifiable professional development, in addition to a rolling average of 120 hours over three years.

How has Sheriff Consulting helped with your career development?

We dealt with a lot of new rules that came out about how we report our financial statements and document different businesses.

Our offices have been able to implement these changes early as a result of these courses that we go on and we have been able to really streamline our processes to get ahead of the game.

Leadership is something that is always developing in ethics. Every single day we utilize those skills and it really  helps to solidify our foundation in that.

What makes Sheriff Consulting better than other professional development programs?

Garth’s programs are incredibly relatable and he is really energetic. A lot of this material can be dry, but he brings a life to it that makes it easy to follow.

The thing with these courses that we do through Sheriff Consulting, is that we do not just deal with our own offices, we are dealing with offices all across Canada and sometimes internationally.

It is really nice to get that engagement with people from different areas of the country and the world.

Is Sheriff Consulting worth the investment?

I would say it is 100% worth it to work with Sheriff Consulting! It is hard to find people who are engaging in professional development, especially for new criteria that have a lot of judgments for practitioners to make.

This program has helped to build a solid foundation for me to make those decisions. When you are sitting in an interactive session, like we did with Garth, you are invested, involved and engaged.

When you are engaged you are naturally picking more up. You are able to ask questions off the cuff in order to get answers that might be relevant to you and develop your understanding.

Anybody in the accounting world would really benefit from working with Sheriff Consulting. Not just from a public practice perspective, but also from an industry perspective.

This training gives an understanding of how we have to deal with reporting and what compliance measures we have to accommodate to do a professional job for our clients.