Greg Mouland about Sheriff Consulting

“It is easy to work with Garth. He has been able to help us take staff, and advance them from a junior, or an intermediate level to a senior or managerial level.”

Greg’s Results

  • Helped employees move into more senior roles
  • Took the pressure of training away from senior partners
  • Satisfied professional development requirements in a targeted way
  • Detailed reports on the impact of training amongst the staff

How Sheriff Consulting helped Greg improve the training provision for his auditors

  • Personalised programs based on the companies needs
  • Training programs based on industry experience
  • Engaging and interactive workshops
  • Feedback used to improve the impact of future training

What made you choose Sheriff Consulting?

My name is Greg Mouland. I am a partner and accountant at Andrews and Company Chartered Professional Accountants. We are a mid size accounting firm.

One of the things we struggle with is offering training to our staff. The problem is, most of the senior members at our office are quite busy and they only seem to be getting busier.

We are struggling to find somebody to offer that training and time for our staff, because it is a difficult concept to train people in. There is not a textbook, or a ‘How to audit for dummies’ book!

It is something that you just have to work at and get experience in, so it is a hard area to coach and mentor people in.

How has Sheriff Consulting helped with your career development?

For our staff, it helps them to develop and understand more about their roles. One of the main areas Sheriff Consulting has helped us in is providing assurance engagements and audits.

Sheriff Consulting has provided a lot of guidance to our staff, from junior staff, all the way up to managers, about how to better understand the audit process and be a better auditor.

Garth does a good job of breaking down complex topics and helps people understand what they are really doing at a high level.

He has worked with one of our staff in particular from when she was a junior employee until now, where she is a senior manager.

Garth has worked with a fair number of our staff for quite a while. He has worked with them for a number of years, and provided training over that period of time.

What makes Sheriff Consulting better than other professional development programs?

One of the great things that Garth does is personalise the training for us. Often he will ask us to send over documents, electronic files and things like that, and he will prepare for his training based on our specific needs.

With reviewing our system in advance and getting an understanding for how the process works, it enables him to provide training to us that is tailored to our needs specifically.

When you go on the courses that are offered by the Provincial Institute, they tend to be one-size-fits-all, and you have to then think about how it applies to your own environment.

Sheriff Consulting takes that legwork out of it, and provides training with practical examples about how it applies to the environment the staff are working in.

Is Sheriff Consulting worth the investment?

The number one thing is Garth’s personality, and the energy he brings to presenting. Especially when you are dealing with so many remote meetings, it can get a bit hard to pay attention at times.

He does a very good job of both bringing a good energy to the presentation to engage staff, and is good at recognising when staff need a break or change of pace. He keeps them engaged for the entire time.

Not only does he provide the training and do a good job at it, he actually provides excellent follow up as well.

Garth provides us with his own feedback and also asks for feedback on his own performance from the employees. He shares both the good and bad with me.

It is nice to get a concise, clean summary spreadsheet after the training highlighting what the staff liked and did not like, and how they would like it provided next time.

Would you recommend Sheriff Consulting?

I would absolutely recommend Sheriff Consulting. He can provide a lot of value to anyone working in an accounting environment.

I am sure his methods would work in a variety of other environments related to accounting, but as far as accounting firms go, he is wonderful.

We have certainly recommended him before, and would definitely recommend him to other firms in the future.