The Post-Holiday Funk

Happy 2020!  Trying to get back into work today, but feeling the “post-holiday” funk.   I’m comforted by this HBR article that it’s not just me, but it is a real thing.

The article has three great tips to try to get out of it like.  It also discussed the psychological effect of the “post-holiday” funk called construal-level theory…which sounds like something that Dr.Manhattan would say (a Watchmen reference….my favourite show of 2020 so far!)

Podcast Fast Forward with Liz West!

Excited to announce that my podcasts recorded with Liz West for the CPAO program Fast Forward are now available for listening and download!  

CPAO Members interested in CPD can purchase episodes at $5 per episode or $30 for the series. The general public and members completing their CPD requirements through other means can listen for free via their favourite podcast app (e.g., iTunes) or at the following link:

Liz West and Garth at the recording studio