LIVE WEBINARBusiness development for CPA firms (2 hrs)

This webinar will provide tools and techniques in business development for managers, senior managers and Partners of CPA firms.

LIVE WEBINARManaging your home office: Best practices for working remotely (1.5 hrs)

This webinar will investigate the benefits and challenges of working from home. The webinar will then provide practical research-based solutions to maximize your productivity and happiness while working from home.

LIVE WEBINARLeading virtual teams to success (1.5 hrs)

In this webinar, we will investigate the challenges of leading a virtual team. These challenges include motivating your team, providing feedback and communicating using teleconferencing software. The webinar will then provide practical research based solutions to help overcome these challenges and lead your virtual team to success

LIVE WEBINARThinking outside of the box (2 hrs)

Innovation can lead to breakthrough ideas and operational excellence. However, ‘outside the box’ thinking is very challenging for most of us. This webinar will provide you with researched-based tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately to help encourage innovation individually and within your teams.

LIVE WEBINARProfessional ethics with case studies (2 hrs)

In this webinar, we will examine specific areas of the CPA code of professional conduct (“code”) and use case studies to highlight key learning objectives. This presentation will also introduce a critical thinking methodology that will be applied to an ethical decision-making framework. Finally, we will explore current events relevant to the professional to understand how to apply lessons learned to deepen our ethical decision-making framework.

The learning objectives include:

  • Understanding how we make decisions using tools such as the Heinz dilemma
  • Understanding how our organizational culture affects our decision-making process
  • Applying a critical thinking methodology that will be applied to a relevant case study

The topic will also explore current events relevant to the professional to understand how to apply lessons learned to deepen our ethical decision-making framework.

LIVE WEBINARMotivation and teamwork (2 hrs)

Understanding how to create and maintain a motivating environment can be challenging given the differing individual and team incentives involved in completing a project or task. Motivation is a powerful tool and current research shows that it can lead to increased productivity within teams. This webinar will introduce you to 3 recent research studies that can be used to improve motivation and increase productivity within teams.

LIVE WEBINARLeading teams to excellence (1 hr)

The objective of this webinar is to teach you how to assess and increase the collective intelligence of your team when completing/performing a shared task. Collective intelligence refers to a team’s ability and skill to complete a shared task.   The learning objectives for this webinar are:

  1. Assessing the collective intelligence of your team
  2. Understanding how you can affect the collective intelligence of the team.

LIVE WEBINARBridging the generational gap: Wednesday October 21, 11:00am – 1:00pm EST ($50)

In this webinar, designed specifically for accounting and finance professionals, we will explore the perceptions of the generational differences between:

  • Baby Boomers
  • Generation X
  • Millennials
  • Generation Z and the newly termed,
  • Generation Alpha

We will use current research to identify potential areas of misconceptions between generations and implement tools to increase understanding and communication across our diverse generational team members.  The tools discussed can improve creative problem solving, conflict management and motivation within a generationally diverse team or organization

Cost of webinar: $50 (includes HST)

LIVE WEBINARHow to provide effective feedback and improve employee engagement (2 hrs)

This webinar will introduce the latest research in providing/receiving feedback to discuss how managers can mentor and develop their staff while also improving firm retention of top talent.  This topic will also address how to receive feedback top down to ensure that expectations are clear and that managers feel valued for contributions.

LIVE WEBINARLeading out of conflict (1.5 hrs)

In this webinar, we will explore why conflicts develop within teams. We will use root cause analysis to make our best assessment of the conflict and then learn tools that can help us as leaders move our teams out of conflict and restore and improve team productivity.  Topics include:

  • Diagnosing why and how conflict arises
  • Understanding common challenges in resolving conflicts
  • Learning and applying a conflict management methodology