LIVE WEBINARArtificial intelligence: Are we handing over professional judgement to AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in our collective awareness since the introduction of the villainous computer HAL 9000 in Stanley Kubrick’s classic film 2001. AI has had a few moments in popular culture such as supercomputer IBM Watson’s appearance on Jeopardy in 2011 but has typically been seen as more science fiction than reality. Today, we are interacting with AI more than we ever have and more than what we might realize. Common interactions with AI include the use of Google Home, Netflix and Amazon. The future is now for AI. In this webinar presentation, we will explore how AI is being used and the implications of AI for the future of our profession.

Live webinar:  Monday November 30th 11:00am – 1:00pm Eastern time

Live captioning will be available for this webinar

ON DEMANDEffective report writing (0.5hr) – $35

Course overview

The challenge of writing clear and concise reports can lead to frustration and even conflict. The meaning of key content can be obscured or misinterpreted because of poor writing technique. The good news is that there are simple and proven tools that will immediately improve the effectiveness of report writing at any level.

This online course will demonstrate tools to improve report writing.

Learning objectives

  • Identifying the challenges of writing reports for different user(s)
  • Identifying the users of their reports and analyzing their needs
  • Applying a research based toolkit to write and revise reports with improved effectiveness

0.5 hrs or credits of verifiable professional development (Certificate will be provided upon course completion)

LIVE WEBINARHow to create a home studio for video and audio content creation (2 hrs)

In this webinar, we will help turn your office into a professional home studio for video and audio content creation.  We will provide tips and tools to help with the CAL of video content:

  • Camera (C)
  • Audio (A)
  • Lighting (L)

The objective is to provide a cost-effective way to show high production quality when creating video or audio content.

ON DEMANDDelivering engaging presentations (0.5 hr) – $35

As the Jerry Seinfeld joke goes “More people fear public speaking than death. That means at a funeral more people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy.

Delivering a presentation is an anxiety-producing experience for almost everyone. However, as public speakers, we all bring aspects of ourselves that will be engaging to an audience. Improving your presentation delivery takes practice and self-awareness. In this course, we will discuss key challenges to public speaking and provide practical exercises to overcome these obstacles.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understanding who you are as a public speaker and how you engage an audience
  2. Identifying challenges to public speaking including eye contact, voice and movement
  3. Applying action steps to overcoming common challenges to public speaking

0.5 hrs of verifiable CPD (Certificate will be provided upon course completion)

ON DEMANDDesigning effective presentations (0.5 hr) – $35

As business professionals, we are constantly finding ourselves presenting information. Whether it is for a board, keynote speech or for potential clients, an important skill set of our profession is the ability to present information to different audiences for different purposes. Much of our preparation focus is on presentation delivery (voice, posture, poise etc.), but how we design the presentation can be much more impactful in creating an effective and clear message for your audience.

In this online course, we will examine the latest in instructional design research to ensure your content and visual aids are helping your presentation delivery.

Learning objectives:

  1. How to understand your audience and what’s in it for them (WIIFT)
  2. Understanding the latest research in how participants for a presentation stay engaged with your message
  3. Applying the latest research in instructional design to improve your presentation including storytelling techniques, the replacement of words with images and the effective use of technology such as PowerPoint

0.5 hrs of verifiable CPD (Certificate will be provided upon course completion)

ON DEMANDDe-stress for success (0.5 hr) – $35

Course overview:

In this VOD course, designed specifically for business professionals, we will explore the root causes of stress and pressure that negatively impact our professional and personal health.

The course will then provide you with three established tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately to help address these stressors and improve your quality of life.

Learning objectives:

  1. Identifying the root causes of stress for accounting and finance professionals
  2. Understanding the health consequences of “bad” stress over prolonged periods
  3. Applying the “De-stress for Success” toolkit
  4. Tailoring the “De-stress for Success” toolkit for your specific challenges

0.5 hrs of verifiable CPD (Certificate will be provided upon course completion)



LIVE WEBINARHow to use Zoom effectively to deliver virtual presentations (1.5 hrs)

Zoom is currently the most widely used video conference software to deliver virtual presentations.  However, many do not effectively use the available tools within both Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar to maximize participant engagement. These include tools such as:

  • Chats
  • Polling questions
  • Breakout rooms
  • Share audio only
  • Electronic flipcharts
  • Whiteboards

In understanding and effectively using these tools within Zoom, your presentation will become more dynamic and engaging to your audience.  In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to design an engaging presentation within Zoom.

ON DEMANDImprov for business communication (0.3 hr) – $20

Have you ever been caught off guard by a question or comment during a conversation or presentation? Have you ever looked back at your reaction and felt that you could have handled things differently? Did your emotions get the better of you?

The online course will introduce you to the idea of using the concepts of improv when confronted with the unexpected during a conversation or presentation. Improv is typically associated with theatre and comedy; however the techniques used in improv, such as active listening and offering, provide an extraordinary system to help improve an individual’s ability to respond with control to unexpected situations.

Learning objectives

  • Defining improv and the concepts of improv
  • Understanding how it can be used to become a more effective communicator in a business professional environment

0.3 hrs or credits of verifiable professional development (Certificate will be provided upon course completion)

LIVE WEBINARLeading out of conflict (1.5 hrs)

In this webinar, we will explore why conflicts develop within teams. We will use root cause analysis to make our best assessment of the conflict and then learn tools that can help us as leaders move our teams out of conflict and restore and improve team productivity.  Topics include:

  • Diagnosing why and how conflict arises
  • Understanding common challenges in resolving conflicts
  • Learning and applying a conflict management methodology

LIVE WEBINARHome office yoga practice 101 (1 hr)

The practice of yoga has research-supported benefits on stress management, health and mental wellness.  This webinar will provide a yoga flow that can be performed at your desk or home office.